Pizza Hut – Hungry For ‘A-Team’ Action

Hot on the heels of ‘Pass It Around Pizza’ comes ‘Hungry For Action’; the second social game for Pizza Hut UK. Supporting the release of the new A-Team movie, the premise is simple; smack the living daylights out of as many soldiers as possible.

We were originally going to create a brash tank-based game, until we realised that'd probably turn more women (being a large wedge of our target demographic) off than John McCririck's sweaty wackers on a humid summer's evening.

Again, gameplay is Bishi Bashi-style fast-paced, and curiously addictive. Taking a cue from games like Dance Dance Revolution, you’ll need to keep rhythm (but unlike DDR, you won’t necessarily look like a twat).

Following the success of Pass It Around Pizza’s virtual pizza slices, your A-Team characters can receive virtual pizza deliveries. These contain sharable slices which ultimately lead to prizes.

Hungry Hannibal loved it when a pizza delivery order came together - uh.

So think you can kick some military ass? Get to it soldier.

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