The Girl Who Played With Fire

I’ve got Facebook games coming out of my ears right about now! This one is to accompany the new movie ‘The Girl Who Played With Fire’ – out in cinemas later this month.

Play: The Girl Who Played With Fire

Ooh! Looks like I got one right =)

If you’ve read any of the Millennium Trilogy books, you’ll know that the story’s protagonist, Lisbeth Salander (aka ‘The Wasp’), has the unnatural talent of knowing other people’s darkest secrets (we won’t mention that she’s a pesky computer hacker!). Now, through the magic of social gaming, Salander is out to test your knowledge of the people around you.

Behind the scenes, the game basically data mines the Facebook profiles of your friends (sounds menacing huh!), then builds questions based on that data. If you’re anything like me, you’ll be surprised at how little you actually know about your nearest and dearest.

Satisfy your inner stalker, go Play With Fire and you might even be slapped in the face with an instant win prize! Whoop!

Make sure you tell ALL your friends about your win! After all, modesty is so Web 1.0.

Thanks to @robert_t for helping out on this insanely tight deadline – cheers dude!

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