The Girl Who Played With Fire

I’ve got Facebook games coming out of my ears right about now! This one is to accompany the new movie ‘The Girl Who Played With Fire’ – out in cinemas later this month.

Play: The Girl Who Played With Fire

Ooh! Looks like I got one right =)

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Pizza Hut – Hungry For ‘A-Team’ Action

Hot on the heels of ‘Pass It Around Pizza’ comes ‘Hungry For Action’; the second social game for Pizza Hut UK. Supporting the release of the new A-Team movie, the premise is simple; smack the living daylights out of as many soldiers as possible.

We were originally going to create a brash tank-based game, until we realised that'd probably turn more women (being a large wedge of our target demographic) off than John McCririck's sweaty wackers on a humid summer's evening.

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Wagamama Keepy-Uppy

In the spirit of the World Cup 2010, Wagamama wanted to challenge their loyal fans, old and new, to a classic game of football keepy-uppy — but not without a twist.

Hit it, spin it, whack it against the wall — most importantly, keep it up!*

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Pass It Around Pizza

UPDATE: Read my “Pass It Around Pizza” article on the Blue Barracuda blog. Aimed at marketers, it looks at the benefits of using in-game incentives/virtual gifts and rewards in conjunction with the Facebook Platform.

I’ve been getting to know Facebook Connect and the AS3 API over the past few weeks, and finally I’ve been able to put what I’ve learnt into practice by creating a game for Pizza Hut UK.

Pass the ball as many times as you can in 45 seconds!

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TGI Friday’s Cocktails

I’ve just completed a new site to promote Cocktails at TGI Friday’s. The idea is to let customers experience the essence of their cocktails, rather than simply reading a tabular listing of thumbnails & text.

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Connected to British Film and TV

My first major project at Blue Barracuda has gone live. Connected To British Film and TV is intended to increase people’s appreciation for the British Film and Television scene, ultimately in the hope that people will realise the error of their ways (and in future watch via legal means). It’s from the same folks who brought us those “You Wouldn’t Steal a Handbag” ads, but now instead of making people feel like criminals, the strategy is to incite national pride.

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